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5 things that trigger toddler tantrums

5 things that trigger toddler tantrums

I’m willing to bet that whilst you love your toddler to bits, they’ve got the potential to drive you absolutely barmy.

A toddler’s repertoire for causing kerfuffle can seem extremely extensive, but studies in child psychology tell us that all bad toddler behaviour originates from one of these five areas:

1)    A need for attention

2)    Frustration

3)    Jealousy/Competitition

4)    Separation anxiety

5)    Upset and illness

Being aware of each of these causes should help you identify the source of the problem before all of your hair turns grey in one evening:

1)    Your child wants attention!

This is the probably the easiest problem to diagnose, but the most difficult to deal with.  There have no doubt been times where you’ve been completely flabbergasted by the behaviour of your child and wondered, ‘why on earth would they behave like that?’.  The answer to that question is usually frustratingly simple: they want attention.

2)    Expectation is the mother of all frustration

Your child might be little, but she’s got some big plans!  Toddlers are often keen to do things beyond the scope of their cognitive and physical ability, and when their best laid plans fail, there’s usually a reaction.  Rather than your child just being a horrible screamy monster, it’s very possible that they’re just frustrated.

3)    The green eyed monster

The third cause is very much linked to the first.  Bad behaviour is not just linked to the idea of a toddler not getting attention, but also to someone else getting the attention they feel they deserve.  Whether it’s a sibling, a new baby or even your partner; the chances are that your toddler will always crave any attention that goes their way rather than his.

4)    Please don’t leave me!

If you try and drop off your child off at nursery and are forced to endure a barrage of screaming and shouting, try and take it as a compliment.  Toddlers don’t like to be away from their parents, and the thought of it can make them anxious, worried and badly behaved.

5)    Distress leads to mess

Toddlers like stability.  When stability is taken away it can often lead to behavioural problems.  If there’s been a death in the family, you’ve moved house or a new brother or sister has arrived, it can often have an effect on your child’s behaviour; and recognising this can help you to help them.  It’s not always that they’re being a brat for the sake of it.


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