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5 tips to make breastfeeding as painless as possible

5 tips to make breastfeeding as painless as possible

There are plenty of good reasons to breastfeed.  For a start, breast milk is the only natural food that is specifically designed as your baby’s food.  There’s also a whole load of other health benefits as well as the fact that it’s highly convenient.

However, whilst there are lots of good reasons to breastfeed, it doesn’t mean that it’s the easiest thing in the world to do.  It can actually be quite a challenge, and if you’re thinking about breastfeeding, then these five tips should help you to rise to that challenge:

1)  Be prepared for a bit of pain (at first)

Okay, I did say these were five tips to make it as painless as possible, but there’s no point beating around the bush.  Very often, when you first start to breastfeed, you’re going to experience some pain.  It’s better to be aware of this, so you’re less shocked when you first experience it.  Remember, if it is hurting you, most people report that it gets a lot easier after the first two weeks.

2)  Don’t be embarrassed to do it in public

The embarrassment factor is often the one that causes mums to opt against breastfeeding, but really, why should you be embarrassed about one of the most natural processes in the world?  Once you become comfortable with breastfeeding in public, you’ll it much less of a chore.

3)  Don’t give up

If at first you don’t succeed, try, and try again.  Most things in life require practice, and breastfeeding is no exception.  Don’t give up because you have one or two bad experiences at the start.

4)  Get a nursing bra or tanktop

With breastfeeding, convenience is the name of the game, and especially when you’re in public, it’s crucial that your baby can access your milk with minimum fuss.  Nursing bras and tops are simply fantastic inventions, and should make the whole process a lot less stressful and lot more bearable.

5)  Don’t forget to eat and drink

Probably the most important tip of them all – make sure that you eat and drink enough.  If you don’t eat enough, you’re likely to feel very woozy after breastfeeding sessions, as your baby’s just taken all your nutrients!

In terms of drinking, how do you think breast milk is made?  If you don’t remain hydrated, your body won’t be able to make breast milk and you won’t be able to breastfeed.


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