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The daytrip photoshoot – Family Photography in Essex, Hertfordshire and London

Family time that lives long in the memory One of the biggest challenges that a photographer faces is capturing true reality.  Like it or not, when a camera is out, people have a tendency to start performing and posing, and although that can often make for some... read more

Outdoor portrait photography with toddlers in Essex and Hertfordshire

You know the busy phase toddlers have when they are go go and you wish you could take their batteries out? Well that typically coincides with session number three of my triple session, baby portrait club.  Or, it is pretty close to their first or second... read more

28 ideas for local kids activities and days out for the school holidays 2018

Being a parent, I know only too well how long the Summer holidays seem, and how quick they seem to pass. How is that possible? The reality is we only have 18 summers with our kids, so use them wisely. For me it’s all about creating memories, but I can’t... read more

What should my child wear?

It can be difficult to choose the right clothes for your child to wear on a photography shoot, but clothing is nonetheless important when it comes to getting the right shot that you’re going to cherish for years to come.  I’m quite open minded when it comes to what... read more

5 tips for surviving the newborn stage

So, you’ve just had a beautiful baby and you’re now in the long-awaited newborn stage. You can’t quite believe your luck! You’ve formed an instant, unbreakable bond with your newborn and of course, you’ll do anything for them. But these early days can be hard. Taking... read more


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