Terms and Conditions of Booking


This page informs you of our terms and conditions when you book to use our services as part of Baby Club.



  1. The Baby Club Membership (BCM) and products are based on 3 portrait sessions of baby and the family spread throughout a 12-month period or babies first year.
  2. Photography portrait sessions are spread throughout the year with a minimum spacing of 2 months between each portrait sessions.
  3. All products included in Baby club membership are based on a total payment of £1,745 for The Big Bear Package, £1,325 for The Monkey package or £1,025 for the Bunny package, which can be spread over 12 months. Vouchers may be used towards your baby club membership during the year or can be used as additional money to spend on additional portraits and products.
  4. The Baby Club is based in £1,755 (Big Bear Package), £1,325 (Monkey package) or £1,025 (Bunny package)  being paid in either 1 payment or spread over 12 months or using Baby Club Vouchers (BCV) in part or in full.
  5. Any BCV may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer and may only be used as described.
  6. Baby Club Membership (BCM) Session inclusive products can only be released after the structured payments of 40%, 75% and 100% of the total payment for your chosen package have been paid to us.
  7. If you fail to complete or adhere to the Baby Club Membership and payment plan you may incur an additional charge for products already received or ordered.
  8. The BCM may not be used to purchase photographs from a previous photoshoot.
  9. The BCM is not transferable.
  10. The BCM is valid only for the Baby Club portrait sessions and inclusive products
  11. Each studio photoshoot is valued at £125.
  12. The total inclusive Baby Club portrait products including Print, Digital & Frame are in total worth up to £3000
  13. Multiple Baby Club Vouchers can be used towards the total Baby Club Membership payments during the year.
  14. Dates and times available for your photoshoot may vary due to availability.
  15. When booking your first photoshoot, you may be asked to provide a debit card/credit card details to secure your booking.
  16. In the event of cancellation of a portrait session, please provide a minimum of five days’ notice or a cancellation charge of £25.00 will be applied to your Baby Club Membership Package.
  17. Our photography photoshoots involve some physical activity, which is undertaken at your own risk.
  18. You may not sell or transfer your BCM to any third parties or via the internet without firstly obtaining the express written consent from our studio. Consent may be subject to any conditions which our studio choose to impose. We reserve the right at all times to refuse to permit any sale of the BCM by you to a third party.
  19. The BCM is only redeemable with proof of purchase from an authorised representative of our Studio.
  20. Standard delivery of Baby Club Membership products are 3-6 weeks following the final viewing session.
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