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Propping up the shoot: how using props can make all the difference

Propping up the shoot: how using props can make all the difference If you take a look at my portfolio, you will notice that I sometimes like to use props in my shoots.  It’s a great way to customise your session to your family, by including favourite toys,... read more

Use a professional photographer as well as a smartphone for the complete picture

Camera phones have come a long way in the last few years and now everyone has the ability to shoot photos on the move.  The quality of the camera on the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy (probably the two most popular smartphones) is fairly good, and you should be able to... read more

Taking photos of a baby…how hard can it be?

Taking photos of a baby …. how hard can it be? Now that we all have affordable digital cameras, tablets and smartphones, it has never been easier to take a photograph. And that’s not a bad thing: I think it’s fantastic that people can now take their own photos... read more

Wilfred’s Second Baby Club Session

Wilfred’s second watch me grow baby club session, and he brought the family along! Big brother, Arthur also had a similar set of photographs taken (by me) when he was a baby, so it’s nice to see the family growing, and how the brother’s interact... read more

Edie – Baby Portraiture

Baby Edie photographed at just under 3 months old. Such a character already. Her Mum opted to have her order finished as black and white’s, which is a classic and timeless style that really suits babies. I asked her mummy to describe the experience in 3 simple... read more

Baby Club – Lacie’s first year in photographs

If I had a pound for every parent, who on completing their first year folio, commented that they cannot believe how much their baby had changed … Well I’d have a lot more camera’s 🙂 Lacie is another graduate of the triple session baby club... read more


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