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How Does Your Child Like To Paint?

How Does Your Child Like To Paint?

Recently a friend of mine showed me some new paints she’d found in Morrisons which come in the shape of a pen. They’re great for toddlers as they can practise their pencil grip and paint a masterpiece at the same time!

This really got my mind going and I’ve been thinking about all sorts of different ways for toddlers to get creative with paints this week.

Before you begin any painting activity you’re going to have to make sure you’re somewhere that you won’t mind getting too mucky! We all know just how ‘creative’ those cheeky toddlers can become once they really get going… Make sure you’ve got lots of newspaper down!

I remember Alice’s school producing potatoes that they had cut into stamps so that the kids could print onto brown wrapping paper at Christmas time. The effect was actually very classy and we ended up making more together at home!

But why stop at potatoes? Introduce some textures into your toddlers’ paint creations by using fruit to stamp with! Cut an orange in half and give it to your child to dip in paint and enjoy the element of freshness that proceeds!

Or what about painting things that your child has already scavenged for outside? Bring nature inside and paint acorns, leaves, pine cones or whatever they chose!

Then they could use them to print to make something frame-worthy. Or else you could display their jazzed up treasures in a bowl for all to see.

What about getting your hands dirty and printing with digits? I can’t miss out that old chestnut! Painting and printing a child’s palm and fingers (not thumb!) is a great way to create the legs and body of whatever animal they desire on paper. Just get them to add the face! It’s also a great and fun way to keep a record of hand sizes as they grow.

Seeing those fantastic looks of hard concentration on your child’s face as they produce Picasso-esque pieces is something you don’t want to forget. And that’s where I can help you.

Photography with me doesn’t have to be all about poses. I love photographing children doing something they love with the people they love. So why not invite me along to your painting party? There I’ll be able to capture these all important memories, so you can cherish them for a lifetime.


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