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Food fights with tricky toddlers

Food fights with tricky toddlers

Every parent who’s already gone through the ‘terrible twos’ with their child knows how much of an issue eating can be. Sometimes they refuse anything and at others you think they might try and eat you out of stock. How can we find the middle ground?

Now you don’t really need the modern nutritional science to tell you what you already know: vegetables are good for you and for your toddler. They contain so many great nutrients like fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. All these healthy aspects of veg are the sorts of things that help to prevent chronic disease later on in life.

If only you could make your toddler understand that! Maybe then they’d always be keen to shovel in some veg. But it’s no secret that generally, kids (and adults too!) dislike this kind of food.

So what do you do when your toddler refuses to eat some good old vegetables? Keep calm and carry on. In these sorts of situations with Alice, I found the best thing to do was to be open-minded and accept that she doesn’t like something. I remember the first time I tried her on sprouts! It didn’t go well.

The best thing to do, I think, is to keep trying alternatives. If your toddler doesn’t like a sprout, try her on some peas. If he says no to broccoli, have a go with carrots. Just make sure you stay positive and the likelihood is that you’ll get there in the end.

Make sure you’re trying a wide variety of vegetables so that you’re more likely to find something that your toddler likes. I don’t know if you remember your childhood, but I distinctly recall trying to keep away from anything green for as long as possible.

So why not give more attention to sweetcorn, carrots and sweet potato? I’ve found that sweeter vegetables like these are a great place to start with kids who avoid the vegetables like the plague.

Using fun shapes is a good way to lure a toddler into eating something that they would otherwise turn down. Why not dice up some pepper very small so they could look like sweets!? Or carve a face into the veg to encourage your child to munch it down?

My old favourite solution is to hide vegetables in a tempting sauce! One mother told me she’d make rissoles and hide bits of veg in there too. Good idea I thought!

Whatever happens though, don’t despair! Keep trying without pressurising your little one and you might just get there. And never forget that other foods are great sources for vitamins and minerals too! Fruit, wholegrain cereals and pulses are great for kids too!

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