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Am I a Graduation Granny?!

Am I a Graduation Granny?!

I was scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed the other day when I spotted a picture posted by a friend. It was a photo of his five-year-old granddaughter wearing a mortarboard and black robes, holding a scroll.

My first thought was that she must have been at the university graduation ceremony of some family member or other, and was trying on the gear for a bit of fun. But when I looked closer, I realised that none of the clothes were at all oversized!

Maybe I’m just a little behind the times but, until now, I wasn’t aware that children graduated from pre-schools or nurseries in the same way that degree students do. Turns out they do though.

A little bit of research told me that nursery graduations are a hot trend in, yep you guessed it, the USA. And it appears that the craze is beginning to creep in on this side of the pond too.

Apparently there’s a shop in Hampshire that claims to sell 10,000 graduation costumes for kids per year.

Is it just me or is this all a little bit weird? Creepy, even? Do kids actually need ceremonies like this or is something that nurseries are doing just to please those parents who have got just a few years ahead of themselves?

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons of nursery graduation ceremonies, shall we?


– Ticket sales provide an opportunity to raise money for the community or a charity.

– The kids might love it

– Some parents might love it

– It could give kids a sense of ‘moving on’ and prepare them more for primary school.


– It’s just plain weird!

– The kids might not love it (and maybe find it scary)

– Some parents might not love it

– It could give children the idea that it doesn’t take hard work to achieve something (let’s face it, they’re not exactly working their socks off at nursery, are they!?)

I’m sure I’ve missed other pros and cons; probably some in both camps that mean a great deal to certain parents. And maybe I wasn’t being entirely objective when I wrote suggested that it’s weird, but I can’t deny that it doesn’t sit entirely right with me!

What do you think about all of this pomp? A short-lived fad? Here to stay? Something special? Whatever your opinion, I’d love to know!

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