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Newborn photography is all in the bones.

Newborn photography is all in the bones. What?!

Did you know that when your baby is born it will have around 300 soft cartilage bones? “300?” I hear you cry in alarm, “I always thought we had 206 bones in our bodies?”.

It’s true, the average body has 206 bones. But when we’re born, we have many more which then fuse together as we grow, until we are left with just 206. Weird, isn’t it? Sure, it’s weird, but it also means that newborns are in a whole category of their own when it comes to portraiture.

During their first two weeks of life, newborns’ bones are so supple and delicate that they’re most comfy in the old familiar foetal position. Don’t forget, they’ve just been curled up in your womb for nine months so it’s hardly surprising that they’re not quite ready to stretch out!

By the time they get to around two weeks old though, they’ll probably have worked out that they actually have acres of space to enjoy, in comparison to their teeny spot in mum’s tummy. You’ll notice that legs will start to unfurl from beneath bottoms as your newborn begins to stretch out during sleep.

So you only have a very small window in which to capture the heart-melting fragility of your newborn! These are such special days and they’ll just fly by leaving you with only foggy ideas about what your bundle of joy looked like during the first days.

If you’ve had the pleasure of watching friends’ babies grow, you’ll be aware that your baby is going to change in appearance fairly dramatically, and quickly! It’ best to prepare for this factor before your baby is born, and the best way to do that is by planning a newborn photo shoot with me.

This early period in your little one’s life is also likely to be its most peaceful time, what with all the sleeping that they need to get done after that very tiring birth! I’ll be able to capture these extra special moments so you’ll never forget the softness and sweetness of your baby from day one to day fourteen.

While they’re so peaceful (and enjoying their sleep!) I’ll be able to get a fantastic range of shots for you to remember forever, without disturbing your baby’s comfort and dreams. Just give me a call on 01279 433392 so we can chat about it some more.

About Sue: I’m really lucky, I’m a photographer who works with children and babies – I capture that fleeting phase for parents so they have those memories forever.

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