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Your Photographer

๐Ÿงกย Hello, Seeing as this is probably the first time you’ve met me – albeit virtually, let me introduce myself!

I’m Sue, I specialise in baby photography. Babies are cute for a long time, and once their little characters emerge, it’s a great time to start capturing memories.

So many parents donโ€™t realise how fast their babyโ€™s first year will fly by, and don’t want to regret missing out.

Babies have many amazing faces, and capturing their thoughtful, cheeky and smiley faces is an absolute joy. Sometimes you get all of those in one portrait session!

I’ve worked with babies and toddlers and their families for nearly 18 years, even before I had my own daughter (currently 13 going on 15), so I have experienced it all ๐Ÿ™‚

I love watching them grow, and every milestone session is as unique as the baby I am photographing.

I simply love creating simple, natural, characterful baby photos for families and look forward to working with you to create beautiful, timeless portraits youโ€™re proud to share and will enjoy for a long time.

Portrait of Essex Baby photographer Sue Kennedy


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