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Six to eight months: helping your baby’s development

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Six to eight months: helping your baby’s development

Believe me, you won’t believe the progress that your baby is going to make in this short little period between six and eight months.

It’s at this stage that your precious little one really starts to develop scarily fast.  These are just some of the things that you might get to see your baby do during this period:

  • Play with a single toy for 2+ minutes
  • Follow fast moving objects with their eyes
  • Look for a dropped object
  • Ask to be picked up by lifting their arms
  • Respond to their own name
  • Support their own head

It’s amazing to see how much they grow up on this short three-month period, and with a few extra tips, you can help their progression go as smoothly as possible.  Here are three tips for how to help your baby along in the six to eight month stage:

1)    Invest in some toys that will help them to reason

Your baby has now got to the stage where they are able to rationalise and reason through certain situations.  For example, they’re now capable of working out that a toy is hidden inside another one, so maybe get some stacking cups or something similar to help them hone their reasoning ability

2)    Encourage your baby to keep moving

The change in their physical capability in this period is often massive.  In order to encourage them to develop more physical capability you can get them toys that will require more movement like a car or a ball as well as providing a safe place for them to explore.

3)    Keep talking.  And talking.  And talking.

Your baby might not be able to formulate sentences yet, but that’s not reason not to converse.  You can help your baby’s language skills develop by continually speaking to them; whether you have a chat, sing them a song or read them a story.


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