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Summer Scavenging

Summer Scavenging

Is it just me or is the weather finally starting to look promising? I’m preparing to search the back of my wardrobe for flip flops, sunglasses and all those other precious items that seem long forgotten!

I just love the Summer for all the opportunity it presents to get outside and have a bit of family fun. So I’ve been spending some of my spare time looking out of the window (and on various websites!) to glean inspiration for some Summer fun with my daughter Alice.

One of my favourite suggestions that I’ve come across so far is to create a nature scavenger hunt checklist and get kids outside looking for whatever you’ve written on it. (Or if your little ones can’t read yet, try printing out a few simple pictures of things for them to find!)

I think this idea opens a world of opportunities for further Summer fun. Rocks, feathers, sticks and woodland stuff like that seems like a great bet to put on the list of things to find. You could use them later on for another activity, like sticking to photo frames or constructing a miniature garden.

You could also get the kids exploring their senses and looking for things according to their feel, like ‘soft’, ‘smooth’ and ‘hairy’! Why not incorporate different colours and sizes into your checklist too? Now that I’m writing about it I want to get out there and scavenge myself, never mind Alice!

Another great idea for a scavenger hunt starts at any of your local shops that sells paint. You know those colour match cards you get when you’re choosing paint? Why not get five or six of those and attach them together? You can then challenge your kids to find anything and everything that matches the colours on the cards!

For those who are really devoted to Summer scavenging and who have the app, Geocaching is a great activity to do with your children too. Using a map to find hidden treasures that other scavengers have left for strangers always brings a smile to my face. The best one we ever saw was in North Wales where someone had actually made a false rock in which to conceal medals and little tin soldiers. I’ll never forget that.

Whichever sunny activity you choose for you and your children, why not invite me along too? I love doing location shoots because I get to see my clients in an environment that they know, doing the things they love. So let me help you make memories in your by capturing those moments in the sun with your child, to make for a truly unforgettable Summer scavenger hunt.


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