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Toddler uses Facetime to make crucial emergency call

Toddler uses Facetime to make crucial emergency call

How do you feel about the relationship your kids have with technology?  Not a huge fan?  I can understand.

A whole lot has changed since I was a child, and it seems to be now that there are just too many screens in a child’s life.  Whether it’s an iPad, a laptop, a smartphone, a computer or a TV screen, it just seems like children these days are bombarded by the 2D world, and of course there have been plenty of concerns about the impact all of these screens are having on our kids’ fitness.

If I wanted to be entertained when I was younger, I’d need to go outside and run around, but in a world dominated by computer games, kids no longer seem to have the same desire to get some fresh air and play outside.

However, whilst there’s no doubt that all of this newfound technology does have its drawbacks; there are plenty of instances where it has been incredibly helpful.  I was reading online about toddlers the other day (as you do), and I came across this amazing story.

A dog attacked a mother in Arizona, USA in her home whilst she was looking after her kids.  The mother – named Laura Toone – bled pretty profusely and because of the amount of blood she was losing, she started to feel very faint.  She asked her kids to phone for an ambulance, but the phone was covered in her blood and they were left shellshocked by the scene and froze.

Up stepped Laura’s 2-year old son Bentley.  Bentley managed to wipe some of the blood off the phone, and whilst he didn’t know the emergency number, he managed to FaceTime one of his mother’s friends who could then – seeing the state that Laura was in – swiftly phoned for an ambulance.

It turns out that Bentley loves using FaceTime, and is frequently using it to prank his mother’s friends; but this time his aptitude for the video messaging software was massively helpful.

This story taught me that although there are pros and cons to the technology our kids are exposed to, there’s definitely a lot of good that can come out of it, and as long as we’re clear enough with our kids about the need to do things that don’t involved technology, there’s nothing wrong with a few screens once in a while!

Have you got a child who’s unnaturally good with technology?  Tell us your technology stories!


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