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Top 10 Pregnancy Perks

Jul 24, 2014 | Maternity, Random

Top 10 Pregnancy Perks

So you’ve got a bun in the oven? I expect you’ll be super excited about your little bundle of joy to come, or your light at the end of the tunnel, to put it another way.

That’s right, all too often we women dread those nine months of ever growing limbs (not in the right direction), a painful back and sympathetic looks from strange old ladies.

Plus you’ve got to go through it all alcohol-free.

Sure, the baby to come is pretty much the best thing imaginable but sometimes it seems like the thought of the baby in your arms is the only thing pulling you through.

So that’s one thing to keep us content for nine months. I repeat, one.

Or it can seem that way at least. You might think I’m going over the top and, well, I am. But we can very easily feel pretty miserable during pregnancy.

That’s why I’ve come up with a list of 10 things that you can only enjoy when you’re up the duff. Enjoy…

1. You can eat pretty much whatever you like and you don’t have to feel guilty for at least a year. Bring on the Ben & Jerry’s!

2. Fancy a lie down? When you’re pregnant any time is nap time, with no excuses needed!

3. By pregnancy law you are entitled to as many back rubs and massages as you ‘need’.

4. In fact, no excuses are required for any form of pampering; from facemasks to full-blown spa days!


6. Strangers often act like you’re the Queen, and why on earth shouldn’t they?!

7. You get up to 52 weeks off work; that’s right, maternity rights in the UK keep getting better and better!

8. You get to go to antenatal classes and make a whole bunch of new friends to laugh and moan with.

9. You can amuse yourself by watching faces fall in embarrassment whenever you please; just reply with “I’m not pregnant” when someone congratulates you.

10. You can get some cracking photos in a baby bump photo shoot with me. The results will look so lovely that you’ll soon forget all the dreary aspects of pregnancy and remember the joys of the rest of this list for all your days!

Call me on 01279 433392 for more information, and don’t feel down in the dumps for nine months!

About Sue: I’m really lucky, I’m a photographer who works with children and babies – I capture that fleeting phase for parents so they have those memories forever.

For more information visit suekennedy.photography, join me on Facebook or call 01279 433392.


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