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Top 10 UK Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Top 10 UK Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Being a baby photographer really puts a smile on my face. One of my favourite things to do is to photograph newborn babies and see that fresh joy all over their parents’ faces. None of them can stop smiling!

Something I always find really fascinating is finding out what the babies’ names are and how the parents chose them. I’ve heard some really great stories.

One particularly sweet tale was from a couple who had a two year old boy who put his hand on his mummy’s tummy when she was around 8 months pregnant and said, “Here’s baby Susie”. So they named her Susie!

I’ve been taking a look at a page about the most popular baby names for girls in 2014 so far and thought quite a lot of them were pretty sweet. Something interesting I noticed that all of the top 10 baby girls names end in ‘a’ or a ‘y’ sound. Naturally I’m now wondering why that is!

So which names make the top 10? Well here’s the list (from

1. Amelia
2. Olivia
3. Jessica
4. Emily
5. Lily
6. Ava
7. Mia
8. Isla
9. Sophie
10. Isabella

They’re all very lovely names in their own right but I had a sneaky little look into the meanings of each name to see which of those I liked the best…

Amelia and Emily both mean ‘industrious’ or ‘hard working’. I can understand why a lot of babies have these names as their mothers will have worked jolly hard to bring them into the world!

I struggled to come up with firm meanings for a couple. Some people think Mia is probably a nod to the Italian ‘mia’ which means ‘mine’. That seems like a very appropriate name to give to your child too! I like the feeling of protectiveness that comes with it.

As far as I could see, Ava has two possible meanings. One being ‘life’, which again is a lovely and appropriate thing to call a new little bundle of joy. The other meaning that came up for Ava was ‘iniquity’! We’ll probably skip over that and stick with ‘life’ though I think!

Sophie means ‘wisdom’ and Isabella means ‘God is my oath’. Interestingly, Isla apparently comes from the name of an island off the west coast of Scotland. Can’t say I’m that surprised that it’s a reference to an ISLAnd, but that is new information to me all the same!

It seems that Jessica is a name that Shakespeare made up for a character in ‘The Merchant of Venice’ and it could mean ‘God beholds’.

Probably my favourite meaning of these top 10 baby girls names though is Olivia’s. Unsurprisingly, it means ‘olive’ in Latin. Well I love olives so that has to get full marks.

But on top of that, I learnt from my research that an olive was a Roman symbol of peace. And who doesn’t feel real peace when they look into the face of their sleeping baby? So I’d say that it’s a pretty special name and I certainly understand why it’s so popular!


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