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Top 5 tips to reach the land of nod

Top 5 tips to reach the land of nod

Some mums and dads are just lucky, but most of us have to deal with the fact that newborns are pretty bad sleepers. All that love and joy we feel during those early days after the birth can sometimes seem a bit misplaced when the little darlings just won’t drop off!

We know to expect to get less sleep once our little bundles of joy arrive, what with night feeds and all the crying, but there must be something we can do to help them sleep better. That way we’ll hopefully find opportunities to nap too!

Read on for my top 5 gentle tips for getting your newborn dreaming so you can rest your head too.

1. Keep them cuddled

Newborns love contact with mum and dad. You’ll have noticed that they can sleep and sleep when they’re snuggled up in your arms. While it’s obviously not a permanent solution for your newborn’s sleep pattern, it will certainly help them drop off.

2. Keep them close

Have them sleep in the same room as you. Studies show that close proximity between mother and newborn often regulates the baby’s sleep pattern. With your baby in your bedroom, you’ll also learn to do a night feed almost without lifting your eyelids too.

3. Keep their air fresh

It’s never too early to expose them to the great outdoors! Giving your newborn plenty of fresh air, particularly in the afternoon, is thought to help them get better quality shut-eye, and sleep for longer.

4. Keep them from silence

Your newborn has been used to snoozing in the womb, with the gentle sound of your heartbeat being music to their ears. It’s thought that consistent white noise has a powerful calming influence on newborns.

There are apps and CDs you can buy which mimic the sounds from the womb that your baby is familiar with. Just don’t have it on too loud or close to your newborn’s ears, and make sure you keep it playing during the whole sleep.

5. Keep them comfy

We all love a massage and babies are no different! Studies have shown that babies who are regularly massaged in the evenings sleep better at night than those who don’t. Try giving your newborn a gentle massage before bedtime every night to help them sleep better…

…Then ask your partner to do the same for you.

About Sue: I’m really lucky, I’m a photographer who works with children and babies – I capture that fleeting phase for parents so they have those memories forever.

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