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Top tip for Newborn photography: send them off to sleep


Top tip for Newborn photography: send them off to sleep

Newborn babies like to sleep, a lot, well that is until you want them to, and then they seem to know

For me, newborn is under 2 weeks old, and I find between 7 and 10 days old is the ideal time to photograph them as they still sleep a lot. Not all babies have gotten this memo, and will fight sleep. Having photographed a good few hundred babies over my decade or so in business, I’ve learnt to go with the flow of the baby’s routine. Different poses are possible whether baby is asleep or awake, and I like to capture a mixture of both, although the sleepy snuggly shots are the most popular.

In my experience, one of the best ways to get a good newborn shot is when when they’re asleep.  Let’s face it, there’s not a lot cuter than a snoozing baby; although a little smile is up there too, but rare. With that in mind, here’s a few tips on how to coax your pride and joy into a sleep ready for his or her first newborn baby photo session:

  • Keep your baby nice and cosy – Having recently been in the womb, newborns are used to a warmer temperature than they’re likely to experience once they’ve been born, so it’s crucial to keep them warm with heating and clothing.  If they’re warm and cosy, they’re far more likely to nod off, making for better newborn photos for you! Chose clothing that is easy to remove i.e. doesn’t need to go over their heads, as it’s easier to slip them out of this without waking them. Wrap them in blankets to keep them warm, and one you have used before so the smell and feel is familiar.
  • Make sure they’ve got a full tummy – As all mums and dads will know, the hungrier a newborn is, the fussier they are.  Making sure that your baby is well fed prior to you setting off for your photo session will enable us to get a good few photographs done , before they need their next feed or a bum change.
  • Wind your baby – There’s no doubt that a gassy baby is more of a challenge to get to sleep than a baby who’s still holding onto some wind.  A comfortable baby is far more content.
  • Keep the awake a little longer – so when they would normally be awake, try and extend that by a few minutes (a quick bath helps) and then they will hopefully sleep a little bit longer during their session.
  • Rock a bye baby – It’s not just a cliché, newborn babies love to be rocked; perhaps because it’s a familiar sensation to what it felt like in the womb.  Give your baby a gentle rocking to nod him or her off to sleep before the big baby photo session! Although the car journey to the studio  will probably do this too.

And the most important tip of all – if none of this goes to plan then don’t worry! I will adapt. I love the way that at just a few days old they are already letting us know what they want & need, so don’t worry that your baby isn’t performing as they should as they really all are different. Newborn sessions do take a little longer as a result, but it’s worth it, so please allow 3-4 hours, and bring snacks to keep you going.

About the newborn photographer: Sue is an independent newborn portrait photographer based in Harlow, Essex and she specialise’s in baby and child portraits. Being a parent, she understand’s just how special your child is to you and her aim is to produce a collection of images that are natural and meaningful to your family. No two moments are ever the same and she wants to perfectly capture those early precious memories and the natural character of your child.

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