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Tourism is for Teaching!

Tourism is for Teaching!


Thinking of taking the kids on a mini-break this Summer? Why not try an outing to one or two of these bizarre tourist attractions in the UK, and revel in the life lessons they’ll teach your kids…


1. Teapot Island, Kent


Home to just under 7000 weird and wacky teapots, Teapot Island is a pretty fun place to visit. They actually do painting parties for children here so you can drop the kids off and have a nice cuppa in the cafe while they get down to it.


The beauty of this place is that your child will undoubtedly learn the important part that tea plays in every day British life, and hopefully bring you a cuppa or two upon your return home.


2. Quay House, Conwy (North Wales)


Why not take a little trip to the smallest house in Britain? It doesn’t take long to have a look around but the village in which it sits is pretty lovely too.


Take your children here to show them that when the market is off, sometimes it really is better to rent than to buy.


3. Portmeiron Village, Gwynedd (North Wales)


While you’re up in Gog land, you may as well take a ride over to Portmeiron for a little taste of Italian architecture. The pretty Tuscan lookalike village boast some spectacular views and will also do you the added favour of teaching the kids that you don’t have to splash the cash to experience the land of love (Italy, apparently).


4. Cuckooland, Cheshire


Fed up of that awful sinking feeling you get in your stomach when the time to catch the bus draws ever closer and your son or daughter still refuses to get up? Take them to Cuckooland in Cheshire so they can have a look at more than 600 clocks.


Just pray that they actually take in the fact that time dictates our lives and that they might start to take their alarm clock more seriously after a visit here.


5. The World Worm Charming Championships, Cheshire


It takes place at the beginning of July so you’ll have to save this one for next year (if you can cope until then!) but the World Worm Charming Championships could be the answer to all your toddler/creepy crawlies fascination problems.


Take them to the championships so they can have their fill and just hope that consequently they see less of a need to bring you worms, ants etc. to admire every five minutes.



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