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Ultimate warfare: Nits 101

Ultimate warfare: Nits 101

If you currently have a child in primary school, or ever have had a child in primary school for that matter, you’ll know all about a certain war that must be waged every once in a while. And if you haven’t experienced this war, you don’t know quite how lucky you are!

But which war am I talking about? Surely we don’t go to war over anything to do with our lovely little ones?! Oh but we do. Usually the first indication that war is fast approaching is the dreaded letter home from school.

‘Your son or daughter’s class is currently going through a nit crisis!’

However light hearted a spin the teachers try to put on it, I think I can speak for all parents when I say that these letters make our face fall… Every time.

And then the scratching starts. Your child is bringing their hand to their head every few minutes. That’s when the heart really sinks. There’s a family of creepy crawlies living in your son or daughter’s hair and, if you don’t do something about it, it’s going to get worse.

Don’t risk catching the nits yourself, follow these 5 simple steps to get through this ordeal!

1. Be prepared to put aside all feelings of revulsion and act fast. (Don’t worry; I know disgust isn’t your natural emotion when thinking about your children!)

2. Get to the chemist immediately and buy the strongest anti-nit shampoo you can find! Make sure that you have the right shampoo according to your child’s age.

3. Wash your child’s hair with the shampoo and, while the hair is still wet, use a fine toothcomb to sift out the little pests and their eggs. Take extra care around the nape of the neck and behind the ears.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2. Some nits can give as good as they get (well, not literally) so it’s best to keep going with the washing and combing for at least a week to make sure you’ve got rid of them all.

5. Get the washing machine going. Bed linen, clothes, toys and anything else that’s washable needs to get the once over. It’ll go a long way to helping prevent re-infestation.

When you’ve finally got there and your children are nit-free once more, give yourself a pat on the back, maybe a G&T too. And remind yourself that while the battle has been won, the war probably isn’t over and you’ll be doing it all again before too long. Good luck.


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