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With Baby Club, you get a year of memories. Your baby’s life is full of exciting milestones and changes, and this is an easy way to capture them all. 

“I don’t remember her being that small!”

Honestly, I hear this every time someone looks back over their baby’s three sessions to build their album or create a montage for the wall. As a parent myself, I understand they are not little for long, but I thought the baby phase would last forever. Trust me, time flies.

I’m an experienced baby photographer who’s captured babies at all stages, and I’ll help you document your baby’s journey to toddlerhood.

Let’s create photos you’re proud to share with your kids and grandkids for years to come.

Imagine, in 30 or so years, when your baby has a baby of their own. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if three generations could sit around and open the album or look through the photographs from their Baby Club?  It’ll bring back memories for you …

What you can expect

Let’s document your baby’s journey into toddlerhood!

When you join Baby Club, and you’ll will have two options:

1. Pay a one-time membership fee, and then monthly installments spread out over 12 months. Payments are taken automatically, and you’ll be sent session reminders, just in case baby brain has made you forgetful or life has got in the way.

All three bundles include three studio sessions and slideshow screenings of the edited images so that you can pick your favourites. Plus different combinations of digital images, prints, albums and wall art. All the info is here.

2. Pay £75 upfront which covers your three photoshoots for the year and one image from each will be presented in a beautiful desktop folio keepsake. All the info is here.

The first of these sessions will be when your baby is small, still lying down, perhaps reaching for feet or having fun on their tum. 

By the second session, your baby might be sitting up, reaching out, and starting to explore the world a little bit more. 

The third session is often where you see the biggest change in your baby. Toddlerhood is well on its way, they might be on their feet but wobbly, and a cheeky personality might be emerging. 

All of your sessions are fun and relaxed. Having three different sessions spread out throughout the year as they grow gives you a way to capture the changes in your baby and your family.

If this sounds like your sort of thing, fill out the form below and I’ll get right back to you with full details and a scheduling link so you can choose a time to suit you. See you soon!

Baby Portrait Photography by Sue Kennedy Photography ltd.

To start the ball rolling just fill out this form…

Completing this form simply sends you a sequence of three emails over the week with more info about Baby Club, and a related offer you may be interested in. Unless you have ticked to say you’d like to stay on my list, this will be all you receive. They do like to hide in spam/junk folders, so if you haven’t heard from me, that’s probably why! The first email is sent straight away give or take a few minutes.

Alternatively check out my blog where I have gone into more depth answering a couple of frequently asked questions: What is baby club? and Why do you need to join Baby Club? 

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