Baby Photography

for Parents in Essex and Hertfordshire.

My approach is to provide a relaxed professional baby photographic experience that captures natural, candid moments of your baby in a comfortable and stress-free environment.

It’s ALL about your baby, emphasising the connection and love you share – from the way she snuggles into your arms to the way you look at her.

The best time for baby photography is when you feel it’s right for your family and what you want to remember about this special time in your baby’s life.

The session booking fee is £95, which includes £200 towards purchasing your favourite artwork, turning your house into a home.

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5 month old baby boy lying on his tummy on a wool rug lifting his head and smiling
Bump portrait photographed from above
Dad listen to baby in his partners tummy and smiling

This is perfect for you if you missed out on newborn photos…

There are many reasons you may have missed out on having photos of your baby taken earlier, so let’s simply get that sorted and celebrate your baby as they are now.  

Life gets very busy with a new baby around, but the good news is there are lots of cute milestones to capture, so your baby’s age is no barrier to when you plan their photo session for.

We set no time limits when you can book a portrait session. We simply work with your baby’s development stage during their first year to capture beautiful photos reflecting them.




Whether they are brand new or starting to sit.



You can! Get in touch, so we can chat through the options as everything is tailored to your needs.

“I kept meaning to book a baby photoshoot!”

– said every parent who brings their 2-year-old in for a photoshoot. Better late than never though!

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A quick call is the quickest way to go over all the details and answer any questions you have about working together.

Call us on 01279 433392.

Ready to get it all sorted? Use the link below to check availability and make your booking.



Your photo session. We have photographed lots of baby’s and know how to make beautiful portraits of this new chapter of your family, that your child/ren will enjoy looking back on. 

We’ll send you a prep guide, a few days before, but happy to answer questions.

Please allow up to an hour, and there is plenty of free parking available at my Studio at Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2HP.



About a week after your photo session you’ll return to the studio to view your finished photographs.

Before the appointment, have a think about what you would like to do with your chosen photographs, and measure your walls.

Do you want them printed big for the wall, and/or as a print collection in a handmade portrait box that you can look through at any time?


Your Baby Photo Session



That celebrates your unique relationship with the newest most important person in your life! Sessions are at our studio in Harlow, Essex. Allow up to an hour. 


 of your favourite artwork that will turn your house into a home.


where we will help you make decisions easily and design artwork that you will be proud to display in your home,

There is no obligation to choose anything other than what you love at your big reveal.

Not quite ready? Leave your details here to get behind-the-scenes insights and a splash of humour, perfect for busy parents wanting to get to know me better until the time is right. Or follow me on Instagram @suekennedyphotographer



Most clients choose wall art, either as a single portrait or a collection of portraits for their home. For those who prefer not to hang wall art, there’s the option of filling a portrait box with their favourite photos. A final choice combines both options, perfect for when it’s too hard to decide. Additionally, clients can opt to add on digital files for easy sharing with family.

montage of products shots for the storyboard frame with 9 square photo prints in of a family from a photography session

Art For Your Walls

Display your favourite photo or a collection of photos on your wall at home. Hanging portraits at home is a great way to show your children how important they are to you, and they become more of a talking point as they grow.

photographed from above of a woman open up a portrait box of prints

Portrait Box

Perfect for those that want individually mounted prints. Simply choose your favourite 10, 15 or 20 photographs for display in your portrait box.

wall collection of portrait photographs above a three seater sofa

A Bit of Both!

My collections offer the best value and enable you to have a wall art collection, AND a portrait box of your favourites as individual prints with the option to add on the matching digital files.

Not quite ready? Leave your details here to get behind-the-scenes insights and a splash of humour, perfect for busy parents wanting to get to know me better until the time is right. Or follow me on Instagram @suekennedyphotographer


Baby Photography Experience

Toddler girl sat on a white children's chair with her lammy soft toy by her feet.

Baby Photoshoot FAQ’s

When’s the best time to book our natural baby photo experience?

When you are ready is the short answer.

If you would like to capture the very early days, then booking ahead whilst you are pregnant is wise, particularly if you want a Saturday appointment, but I have no rules on how old baby must be at the time of our appointment.

Some parents prefer to wait for the 30 day or 100 day milestone.

How long will a baby photography session last?

Allow a good hour.

Our style of baby photography is very natural and unposed.  We prefer to capture babies at their most natural – awake or asleep – showing their size, their teeny details, and their newness.

For older baby photography we are bed led and work to their current development stage, capturing their character & personality.

When should baby photos be taken?

Your baby can be photographed at ANY time.

This article ‘What is best for baby photos?’ gives more insight.

What happens if my baby needs a nappy change?

Please do. We have a changing mat or space for you to use your own. We have already factored this into our timings for portrait sessions.

How should I dress my baby for the photos?

The answer varies depending on their age, and we will send you a prep guide to assist you with clothing choices. A simple vest or body suits work well, just leave the baby equivalent of the Hawaiian shirt at home.


Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex

Nestled on the outskirts of Harlow, in open countryside, our studio location is a surprise and delight to many. With plenty of parking, and a beautiful riverside location making for a relaxing place to visit for your portrait photoshoot.

Parndon Mill from the air by Ben Richards


Had another really good newborn session with Sue. She was great with the baby and allowing us to tend to him when needed. And also really good with our whirlwind 2 year old running around.



Thank You to Sue for our beautiful photos for the newborn photo session that captured the moment perfectly. highly recommend!

I will treasure these photos forever.



The pictures were beautiful. I love all the pictures she has taken, wish I could buy them all. It was worth every penny though and Sue was flexible enough to let us spread the payments.

All the presentation was done beautifully, I was very touched & got emotional every time with happy tears. Thank you Sue! I would definitely recommend!



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“I’m Sue & I’m thrilled about helping you to tell your family’s story in photographs.”

I absolutely believe you should print the photos that you love, hang them on the wall and enjoy them everyday.

Someone once said to me “digitals are temporary, prints are generational.” And it’s true.

I offer both options and will guide you through each step of your portrait experience, at my studio in Harlow, Essex.  

As a mother myself, I know how priceless those framed photos of my daughter are. And I want the same for you.

Not quite ready? Leave your details here to get behind-the-scenes insights and a splash of humour, perfect for busy parents wanting to get to know me better until the time is right. Or follow me on Instagram @suekennedyphotographer

Portrait of baby photographer Sue Kennedy

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