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Ep. 005: Why you should print your memories

Aug 18, 2021 | PODCAST

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Why should you print your memories? In short, so they are accessible in the future. I’m all for spending money on making good memories. It needn’t be expensive.

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Transcription of Why You Should Print your Memories

Sue: (00:10)
Hello, and welcome to the Photographs in a Shoebox Podcast with Sue Kennedy. This podcast is all about helping and inspiring you to tell your family stories in pictures.

Sue: (00:23)
Today, I wanted to talk about why you should print your memories. I think the most obvious reason is so that they are accessible in the future for both you and your grandchildren to look back on and possibly future generations. I also think it’s nice to have photographs out so that you can walk past them every day and for them to make you smile. It’s a memory jogger. I particularly like it when my phone reminds me of things that happened a year ago or three years ago. It’s just quite nostalgic, isn’t it? Just to see those happy memories pop up again and enjoy them for what they were.

Sue: (01:09)
It’s also nice to have them around the home for the reason of making a house a home, and it becomes a bit of a talking point. Other people will be naturally interested in your photographs, will ask questions about them. It’s just nice to chat sometimes, isn’t it? About the things that make you smile. It’s also a cheaper way to decorate. Rather than having prints on the wall that don’t necessarily have such a strong connection to you as family photographs. I know it’s controversial because not everybody likes to have family photographs up and out on the wall, but dotted around in little clusters or even as a gallery wall in a discreet place is sometimes lovely. I like it when I arrive at somebody’s house and go into their downstairs loo and they’ve got a whole collection of photographs of fun family moments in there. I think actually, that’s really a nice thing to do.

Sue: (02:24)
In summary: Print, the photographs you love, especially the silly ones. I’m all for spending your money on making good memories to grow old with. I don’t think it needs to be expensive. The days on the beach with a picnic and digging holes, making sandcastles, or maybe on a woodland walk are just as wonderful as the expensive holidays. They all have a place and they should all be captured. For me, and I probably am biased, but I think creating and having these memories is as important as doing the boring stuff, like paying the gas bill, getting the car repaired, that sort of thing. Enjoy your photographs, I think would be my parting line, but have them out so you can enjoy them as well. Thanks for joining me today, and don’t forget to subscribe wherever you are listening so that you never miss an episode. Until next week. Bye for now.

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