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Ep 012 Remembering the little things too

Oct 6, 2021 | PODCAST

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Remembering The Little Things Too

In this episode, I talk about remembering what your child was into at different ages, as it’s important to weave them into some photos of that chapter of childhood.

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Transcription: Remembering the Little Things Too

Sue: (00:03)
Hello, and welcome to the Photographs in a Shoebox Podcast with Sue Kennedy. This podcast is all about helping and inspiring you to tell your family’s story in pictures.

Sue: (00:19)
So today’s episode is about, well, let me tell you a story first to set the scene. So a few days ago, the doorbell went and it was my neighbour wondering if we wanted a pink rucksack for our daughter. He found one on the skip. I didn’t ask what he was doing in somebody else’s skip, but there you go. It was in beautiful condition and obviously hadn’t been used, but I didn’t need to ask my daughter. It was bright pink and we are definitely through the pink phase so I passed on the offer. I think it went off to charity then.

Sue: (00:57)
So today what I want to talk about is remembering what your child was into, it’s also important to weave that into some photographs of their childhood. So I won’t particularly remember when my preteen daughter transitioned into preferring grey rucksacks and black trainers in 20 years’ time or when her Peppa Pig obsession ended. So I agree, I may not want lots of photos of these items. I’m more thinking about favourite toys and activities and recording those as well.

Sue: (01:37)
So over the years, I’ve photographed a lot of her art. I haven’t kept everything. I tend to take a photograph and then I really keep the best of the best, if you like, because otherwise, the loft would be overflowing, especially when they’re at preschool, they seem to be very prolific artists. So then things like when we’ve done baking together, although that’s less so now, because she prefers to bake on her own and obviously the results of that disappear. So we haven’t got any baking up in the loft. So, but we do things like if we are doing a family game, sometimes if we are out for a meal we’ll end up playing hangman and we’ll do that on the phone.

Sue: (02:30)
But it’s just sometimes I take a picture of it just because it’s what we do when we’re out as a family so that she doesn’t spend too much time on her screen and we don’t either. We’re not tempted to check emails and things like that. So, and then other little things like hugs, will she ever grow out of these? I don’t know. She probably won’t want them in public so much, but that’s life, isn’t it? That’s part of them growing up.

Sue: (02:58)
Camping trip, I’m not sure how long they’ll last with wanting her father to come along before she wants to do them on her own. So I think it’s it’s good to just remember those little things, those activities, those favourite toys, or just family rituals that you do throughout their childhood that suddenly disappear.

Sue: (03:26)
It’s like when you go to cross the road with them, when they’re little, suddenly at some point, and I can’t tell you when it was, they stop holding your hand automatically when you cross the road. And it’s just remembering those little moments. So now I remember years and years ago, this was my cousin had a baby who at the time was about nine months old and she discovered that her daughter liked to eat gherkins and still does. So they have this really great picture of her as a baby with a slice of gherkin for a tongue in her mouth. Now she’s all grown up now and she doesn’t remember the picture being taken, but it still makes us laugh. And yes, she still does like gherkins.

Sue: (04:14)
So it’s just having those little memories, for the future. So that’s it for this week. So don’t forget to subscribe wherever you are listening. So you never miss an episode and thank you for joining me today. Until next week. Bye for now.

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