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Ep 027 When it comes to photographs – what is most important to you?

Feb 2, 2022 | PODCAST

When it comes to photographs, what’s more, important to you? Being able to view a digital or a hard copy print? Different generations will give different responses, my generation only has printed photographs to spark memories, whereas my daughter has digital memories too. As a baby photographer, it influences the products I offer my clients, as I adapt to how people want to enjoy their photographs.

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When it comes to photographs, what’s more, important to you? 

Think about your favourite photograph of all time and then ask: where is it? So obviously that is a rhetorical question, but I’m guessing that my listeners will be divided on this. 

Some will have their favourite photograph on their phone. And when I say on their phone, I mean on as a digital copy only, or, it’ll be a, in a frame at home. 

It’s interesting times at the moment because we have, a generation of people that are having babies, who have literally got their whole life online, whereas I’m older. And I rely on photographs to look back at my childhood memories as there wasn’t the option for digital copies back then. 

The younger generation can just pick up their phone and scroll. 

Question. Do you really want everything just available online? 

I’m starting to notice that things seem to be coming full circle, and people do want things printed now. 

When I have enquiries at the studio, it will often start with, can I just have the digitals? sure I can, but I also offer prints wall art, and albums too. Now some clients will think that they only want digitals, because that’s all they know, or perhaps that’s all they think they can have.

And that’s all some photographers offer, so I understand the confusion.

I work differently, I want to create photos you are proud to display, but understand you also want digitals too, so when they come to the studio and they see wall art, I also have products like the memory box, which is how I supply my digitals. In a beautiful keepsake box with the digital files on the usb, and a matching set of prints.

So then they see the benefits of having a bit of both worlds. 

They’ve got the prints to keep, but the digital to print more copies of and to share those with the family. 

Then there’s the group that is obviously a dead set against having anything printed and will tell me they don’t want the box or prints.

It doesn’t alter the price, because I see the other side, the stories of lost phones and computers along with every photo of a baby or a child, because there were no copies or backup prints made. Intentions were there, but life was busy. I get it. 

So the reason I offer matching prints with digital files is that I decided a long time ago that I needed to protect my clients from themselves. 

Initially, I wouldn’t tell them that they were gonna get this matching set of prints with their digitals because they’d decline. can I have it a bit cheaper? 

And that wasn’t why I was doing it. I was doing it because print is the best way to archive. 

It is changing a bit. 

These days people are, are, are open or get the idea a bit more, I should say. 

I know I keep saying this, but, it’s important, um, let’s print the photos you love before it’s too late. 

Which is why I ask the question ‘when it comes to photographs – what’s important to you?’

Because whether you are planning a pro shoot or the DIY approach, it’s good to start with the end in mind.

Some photos are taken to record the every day, others to remember special occasions. Birthdays, first of things, and so on.

All photos ultimately become part of your history. Your legacy.

You can’t display everything, so photos tend to get divided into:

  • ones for the family album – keepers, a collection that tells you story. And hopefully you print that album ….
  • ones to print so you can look at them everyday, 
  • and those that are just archived on a hard drive.

I hope that the photos that are important to you, are printed (or backed up).

So to finish I’ve got a quote for you here from Aaron Siskin. 

Graphic containing a quote from Aaron Siskin

I think this is very true, even though film has been replaced with pixels it’s still valid. 

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