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Five Star Studio Award

5 Star Studio Rating Achieved!

5 star studio award in glass

5 Star Studio Award for Sue Kennedy Photography

I am chuffed to announce that I have been awarded a five star studio rating by one of the industry’s leading professional companies, especially since I am one of just 9 studios in the UK & Ireland to be given top marks by The Xperience Group and am the first baby specialist to achieve the status.

The scheme grades businesses on the quality of the overall experience they offer their customers, from the standard of photography right down to the cleanliness of the studio space and customer service.

I’m one of 80 photographic studios and photographers from across England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland to have joined The Xperience Group, a business development programme that aims to push its photographer’s skills and customer Xperience.

Head of Xperience training, Mark Cleghorn, who is one of the most well-known figures in the world of the photography industry for more 30 years, with a long list of industry awards and accreditations to his name, said the new scheme offered customers reassurance and quality.

“In the UK there has never been a way of grading professional photography on the experience as well as the creativity, quality and most importantly the customer service they offer,” he said. “I wanted to change all that by introducing a standardised system of recognising and rewarding quality. Now customers will know exactly what type of service they can expect from an Xperience Group photographer, and with the guarantee of quality from a five star studio they can trust that they will be in great hands.”

The scheme rates studios on a number of factors including: the quality of their photography and lighting, the layout and cleanliness of their studio space and viewing room, the clarity and variety of their price list, the range of products they offer, the quality of their literature and branding, their signage and the first impression it gives customers, even the quality of the bathroom facility. Studios are re-graded every year.

The video below is Mark presenting the award to me, at the recent awards ceremony in Cardiff.






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