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Custom Photography – What happens during the viewing session?

What happens during the viewing session?

With most photographs, you either plug your digital camera into your computer and have instant access to the photos, or you pop into town and get them developed in an hour.

If you’ve looked at how I do things, you’ll see that it’s not quite that simple.

Not only do I not have the photos ready for you straight after the session, but also I generally like to have another session where we view the photos together where you can choose the ones you want.

If you’ve never experienced a viewing session before, it may seem like a slightly curious process, so I just thought I’d explain why I work in this way:

1)    I like you to know what your potential purchases are going to look like

I’m not interested in you buying a bad picture and regretting it. That scenario doesn’t interest me at all. I want to help you create a memory, and in order to do that, I want to make absolutely certain that you get exactly what you want.

By having a viewing session on a high quality screen, I can actually show you exactly what the photos will look like; as well as arranging them in different ways, creating multi-frames and so on.

Rather than you having to rely on a postage stamp-sized ‘proof’ picture to help you make your decision, you can see the real thing, and this helps you make a more informed choice.

2)    It means you can choose a bespoke selection

I’m an independent photographer. That means that I work for myself, and my customers don’t have to stick rigidly to inflexible price schemes. The viewing session allows you to be in control of what photos you want, how many you want and how you want them presented, rather than me stuffing a ‘one size fits all’ package down your throat.

3)    It’s really fun!

This might seem like a really obvious thing for a photographer to say, but we don’t look at photographs enough! We put them on our walls and can sometimes just rush past them without pausing and admiring them.

The viewing session is a wonderful experience in itself. You can bask in the beauty of your gorgeous baby and just enjoy the moment before picking the ones you want for keeps.

If you’d like to book a newborn or baby session please give me a call on 01279 433392.


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