So, how much does a memory actually cost?


Coming up to another studio birthday, is a reflective time for me.  How many birthday shoots have I celebrated with my clients and their children? Too many to even count I would say! It’s also a time to look at how much the digital age has ‘streamlined’ the photography process. In the ‘olden days’, there would be rolls of film, prints galore, dark rooms, chemicals in trays and other such paraphernalia.

Back in 2006 when I opened the studio, I knew that I could offer more than just handing out prints or images on a floppy disk (anyone remember those?); I wanted to give my clients an experience that they would treasure far beyond the beautiful photos they would take home. I made it my mission to create an unforgettable experience of times shared with bumps, babies and toddlers – the whole studio experience; the whole shebang.

And because these experiences are so priceless to families, I always wonder what to do with all of the photos I have saved over the years; loathe to let go of any, ‘just in case’! But hand on heart, digital photography has helped me enormously with the equally enormous job of photographic filling allowing me more time to concentrate on my clients and developing new services.

There are many photographers who are quite happily snapping away for families the world over, with no real thought process behind it. My bespoke baby Portrait Club  sessions for instance, were specifically developed for families to really capture the developing characters of their children in three shoots staggered up to around their 1st birthday. The end results are jaw-droppingly, gob-smackingly gorgeous and you can see before your very eyes how this little bundle has grown and blossomed. It’s simply priceless.

And then, in another 10 years from now, families will look back at the photos that were chosen so carefully and they will trigger memories and emotions all over again. Perhaps, they will reflect on how we captured that bum shuffle, a clap, a squeal or even a first step. Memories in an art form is what I create; fond reminders of a childhood that has flown by.

So, how much DOES a memory really cost? It’s just not possible to answer that. The currency is surely more than the purple folding stuff, dosh, wonga, lolly? It’s deep. It’s about emotion and creating lasting memories together, the way that you want them, through an unforgettable family experience.

Yes, there’s a price tag as there is with any service, and you can find my photography pricing here. Sue Kennedy Photography isn’t like a retail store or a car showroom; there is no price that dictates what you get and it is never a one size fits all affair.

Flexible, affordable photography packages that have been creatively honed over the years to bring you stunning, lasting images is what I am all about.

portrait of sue kennedy photographer

I'm Sue

and I am dedicated to helping you share your family’s story through beautiful natural photographs.



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