Did you take photos of the birth of your baby?


When it comes to giving birth, there are a million and one things to think about.

During labour and delivery, your main focus is on getting baby out safely. Then immediately after, there’s the phones calls to make, the announcements, and the endless stream of visitors bearing gifts.

There’s barely a moment for you to breathe and rest – much less think about capturing your birth on camera.

(You’ve just birthed a real-life human after all!)

I know this firsthand and from many conversations with my own friends and clients. In my job, I am very lucky to have a circle of people who share such personal experiences with me… including of the birth of their children.

So it’s not surprising that most mums tend to go for photographs of the moments straight after baby is born – instead of their delivery.

Photos of Baby Births are Increasing in Popularity

It seems that with home births, photographing the actual delivery is becoming more popular.

A few people I know have had the second midwife present or their partner, papping away on their phones or home cameras.

They’re most certainly not the best photos. They’re often blurred from shaky hands and sheer panic from the partner or multitasking by the midwife. But these photos make sure that the special moment that baby enters the world is captured forever.

Why shouldn’t we have these photographs to look back on so that they can be savoured for years to come?

The Case for Taking Photos of the Delivery

Whatever journey you’ve taken to get to motherhood, you want to document every moment.

No doubt for the past 9 months you’ve been taking regular photos of your ever-increasing tummy. You’ll no doubt have the final shot of your bump before baby arrives.

And maybe, for a brief second, you’ve thought about the idea of having someone document the moment your little one enters the world.

So while the idea of taking a selfie while you’re in labour is probably not going to happen (you’ll have your hands full!), it may be worth considering delivery photos.

The photos of your baby’s birth can be immensely precious while respecting your privacy. After all, these aren’t going to go up on a wall or put in a family album for all to see. But they will capture the first moments of joy. In fact, they’re probably the most personal, meaningful photographs ever to be taken of you and your precious baby.

So, if you are reading this and you know of a mum who is shortly going to give birth…

Perhaps give her the idea of someone photographing the delivery (whether this is a midwife or their partner).

The family may just thank you later on in life.

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