Capture the growing years, the extraordinary wonder of your children with a children’s portrait session.

Our child portrait photoshoot will give you images to treasure and display forever.

We love props and accessories – bring along whatever makes your child happy.

The Child Portrait Sessions work best with children aged 1+ years, once they are walking confidently.

For babies under 1 year please go to Baby Portrait Sessions.

The £125 photoshoot session booking fee is payable when you book and secures your date & time in my diary. It does not include any product or digital files.

Newborn Baby Photography of Baby girl lying and grabbing her toes

Professional Child Photography

What’s the process …



A 15 minute call is the quickest way to go over all the details and answer any questions you have about working together.

If you feel we are a good creative fit, we can get your photoshoot scheduled.

A session booking fee of £125 is all that is required to confirm your booking.


I’ll send you a prep guide, a few days before, but I am always happy to set up a time to chat if you want additional help.

Please allow up to an hour, and there is plenty of free parking available at my Studio at Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex, CM20 2HP.

For more information on your Portrait Experience click here.


Viewing your portraits is THE best bit of the whole experience. This is where you get to see the moments we captured, and your portraits are projected larger than life in your own private film screening. 

During your appointment, you will be able to select as few or as many portraits as you desire (be prepared to love most of them!) and then you choose how you’d like them to be displayed in your home. 

studio for Newborn Baby Photography at Sue Kennedy Photography, Parndon Mill, Harlow

Every child portrait experience takes place at my studio at Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex.

This out-of-town riverside location has plenty of free parking, and the odd sheep or duck.

I operate on a by appointment basis to ensure that each family has the time they need with me.

Child Photoshoots and Articles From the Blog

Are school photographs enough?

Are school photographs enough?

When it comes to school photographs, we all know their particular function: to act as a reminder of what your child looked like at different stages of his or her upbringing.  Unfortunately, that’s pretty much where the benefits of school photographs often end....

Choosing outfits for your child portrait photography session

Choosing outfits for your child portrait photography session

What to wear for a portrait session Aside from babies who can get away with just a nappy, and maybe a cute hat or blanket, I love it when parents arrive with a choice of outfits, once their child is sitting. My ideal selection is: one that is an everyday outfit, a...

What should my child wear?

What should my child wear?

It can be difficult to choose the right clothes for your child to wear on a photography shoot, but clothing is nonetheless important when it comes to getting the right shot that you’re going to cherish for years to come.  I’m quite open minded when it comes to what...

And Before You Know It, They’re Not Little Any More

And Before You Know It, They’re Not Little Any More

Where did the time go?  I suddenly noticed the other day that my daughter is no longer the little girl she once was.  Gone are the curls and in their place is long hair that she can style into a bun for ballet.  She is growing up, and fast.  I...

Top 4 Tips for Making a Photo Session with Kids Easier

Top 4 Tips for Making a Photo Session with Kids Easier

Top 4 Tips for Making a Photo Session with Kids Easier If you’re preparing for a photo session with your children, you may be feeling a bit apprehensive. Children aren’t always easy to deal with, which is why the below tips will definitely come in handy before your...

Preparing for your toddler’s photoshoot

Preparing for your toddler’s photoshoot

Preparing for your toddler’s photoshoot The saying goes that two things in life are certain: death and taxes.  I’d like to add another thing to the list: a toddler’s unpredictability. They say that variety of the spice of life, and if that’s true, then having a...

Toddler photography: snap them before it’s too late!

Toddler photography: snap them before it’s too late!

The toddler stage of a child’s development is joyous and trying in equal measure.  Children of that particular age seem to have limitless energy, and unless you’re superman or superwoman it can be particularly difficult to keep up with your child.  Despite the...



What if my child won't behave during the photoshoot?

It’s amazing how they will do as I ask, but ignore their parents. My daughter is exactly the same.

When’s the best time to book our Child photo experience?

When you are ready, its literally as simple as that! Every age is gorgeous and worthy of photographs.

How long will the session last?

Allow up to an hour.

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Still have a question?

Please drop me a line here.

Outdoor family photography of two siblings sat down
How should I dress my child/ren for the photos?

Ideally something fairly plain without busy patterns (so no Hawaiian shirt or football tops), and that’s comfy for them to wear.

Do I have to be in the photos?

Hey I understand, and hear that a lot. As a parent myself I remember how I felt.

It’s great if you can be in one of two. Although it’s your child that’s the focus, they like to see you in the photos too.

baby boy sitting and looking down in black and white

Your Photographer

🧡 Hello, I’m Sue, a photographer who captures the milestone moments of your growing child WITHOUT adding to new parents’ stress.

Here’s my thinking, booking a portrait experience is an investment of time, money, and energy, and I also believe you should print the photos that you love. Someone once said to me “digitals are temporary, prints are generational.” I offer both options and would encourage you to make use of your print credit in your gallery store to achieve this.

I created my podcast Photographs in a Shoebox to inspire you to preserve your memories in print, and share ideas on how to do that. You can listen here.

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