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2015 a year of change

My year started with a sharp lesson in the importance of achieving a work life balance. I had to focus on my health, I had to make some dramatic changes, I won’t bore you with the details of why, but the way I run my business had to change. IFather & daughter flying a kite on a Devon beacht was a bit like when my daughter was born nearly 7 years ago. Suddenly you have to find time to fit things in, that you didn’t need to do 9 months earlier 🙂 But you want to do them. Priorities have changed.

Now it’s time to write this blog again 🙂 I will be focusing on things important to me as both a photographer & mother …

So summer holidays! How are you all surviving them? Alice is now 6 and at an age where she enjoys just playing on the beach, having had the “I don’t like sand Mummy” phase, followed by sulking. Life is now much simpler.

A quick trip to the pound shop and we have bubbles, and a kite to amuse her with. I think Daddy may have had a hidden agenda here. He likes to play, and I like to capture the memories. Great teamwork!


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